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Physician Testimonials

“In a time when we constantly hear from colleagues about feeling underappreciated and disrespected, it is such a pleasure to work where the patients, staff, and fellow physicians genuinely appreciate the care that I provide. Outside of work, having colleagues who are interested in spending time together and enjoying what our region has to offer has provided the fulfilling social life that some fear they will miss out on in a small town.”
– Dr. Jeff Gustafson

“I started working in the RRD immediately after residency. I’ve had incredibly supportive colleagues who helped me grow clinically and they supported my time away to start my family. My colleagues quickly became some of my best friends. If it is 3am during a resuscitation I know I can call anyone (on call or not) and have their support. Then get their help filleting fish on a weekend camping trip together the next weekend. I’m grateful to have such a fun, collegial team of docs to work with.”
-Dr. Danielle Mitchell

Current Opportunities

Fort Frances

Flexible Schedule, Work Life Balance, Wide Scope Practice including Clinic, ER, OB, Anaesthesia, Surgical Assist, LTC, Inpatient Care
and General Surgery.


Flexible Schedule, Clinic, Inpatient and LTC, ER available in Fort Frances.

Rainy River

Clinic, 24 hr ER, Inpatient and LTC.

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NRRRI- $115,800 over 4 years for eligible candidates through the Northern & Rural Recruitment & Retention Initiative (Ministry of Health and Long Term Care)

Relocation expense reimbursement is available.

Fort Frances Local Education Group CME funding.

Northern Physician & partner which may include:  sportsplex facility memberships – arts/entertainment series – library & technology memberships.

Excellent remuneration available for Rural Family Physicians.